“I like to be beaten”

The young man from the New Orleans Pelicans, Zion Williamson, is built like a defensive lineman. It has been a terrifying sight for everyone who tried to stop the 20-year-old in painting.

Williamson, who actually played some soccer in high school, admitted that his experience on the field of play has helped him immensely in the NBA. In a Yahoo! Sports, Williamson also revealed why he likes to play defense the most.

“I played quarterback and safety. Honestly, I liked playing more defensively because I could hit the blow, and not get it, I honestly liked receiving light blows.

In just his second year at the NBAThe 285-pound Williamson has quickly become one of the more dominant guys. The former first overall pick has made a living in the paint and has beaten opponents with his combination of strength and agility.

The statistics of Zion Williamson they have been nothing but impressive. Of the 26.4 points he is averaging per game this season, 74.8% has come from within the paint. And looking at his body, it’s not really difficult to see him score more at will. Williamson, however, said that he continually makes sure to use his weight wisely and efficiently.

“It’s the low angles. It’s making the right cut when you need to, so I’m not charging anyone. I am committing a blocking foul or putting them in a position where they have to foul or they are going to have to let me go. I take that part of football. “

Combining his soccer-ready physique with his basketball skills, it’s only a matter of time until Zion Williamson take charge of all NBA.