“I know I’m your crush”, Celia Lora wears Kunno-style glasses

“I know I’m your crush”, Celia Lora wears Kunno-style glasses | INSTAGRAM

There is no doubt that one of the favorite activities at the moment for the Mexican model Celia Lora is recording Tik Tok’s, because he discovered that it is not only about dancing but also funny videos and entertain your audience with them.

Just this time we will address one more of his videos recorded with the intention that you have a fun time and that you can also appreciate how beautiful it looks, because he was in charge of dancing to the rhythm of a song that says “I know I’m your Crush”, In addition to the fact that she knows that she is the Crush of many of her followers.

But not only did it appear dancing the song, but he was wearing Kunno-style glasses and when he took them off the camera began to show you off with his pretty makeup, winking to conquer those Internet users who are barely getting to know her and also the loyal followers.

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Of course, the video was a success and so far it has more than 26,000 likes and many more reproductions because when it is a clip many forget to give it their interaction but if they observe the entertainment.

Some of his fans wonder where the attractive photographs that he shared, however, it seems that inviting a photographer to take sessions continuously is a bit expensive or perhaps it is no longer the main focus of his Instagram, it could be that they want you to go to their exclusive content page.

This is how it is reserving the best and most flirty snapshots for its Onlyfans, a section of the Internet that if you have not paid for your subscription you have not been able to know, but those who have already consumed it, you highly recommend it ensuring that it is an excellent investment.

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Of course, Celia is very happy to have all that attention that has allowed her to develop as an influencer receiving products and services from different companies, trying them herself and as a result having the opportunity to share it with her followers who get to know and help them.

Finally, it would be important to say that Celia will surely continue to live her life to the fullest just as she has always done enjoying elegant events of participating in different programs in which she is invited to continue creating her videos for her official YouTube channel and all that she does. always thinking that her followers can have an excellent time with her.

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