César Luis Menotti, historical Argentine coach, analyzed the present of Lionel Messi and left several phrases that caught the attention. El Flaco admitted that he imagines it at Newell’s and spoke about his cycle in the Argentine National Team.

« I think Messi has plenty left in BarcelonaBecause he lives a very normal life and has taken great care of himself. I don’t know if he is leaving Barcelona, ​​I don’t think he is going to another club in Europe, but if suddenly, When he is 36 years old he wants to play at Newell´s, his other club, and it is probable. I imagine playing Messi in Newells and it scares me, because I’m a fan of Rosario Central. He will not go to Central for sure, so the ideal would be for him to retire at Barcelona, ​​je. That Messi plays a year in Argentine soccer would be a pleasure and more for young people, because Messi has a commitment to the profession, « said the former coach, in dialogue with Radio Villa Trinidad.

And in the same line, he added: « Messi would have been important anywhere else, but it is much easier to do it at Barcelona, next to the players he was surrounded. He grew up there. He could have been Messi anywhere, but I don’t know, if he had been as careful and beloved as he is in Barcelona. For Messi, Barcelona is his home. He is the owner. She runs like at home despite the fact that sometimes there are things in your house that bother you or things you don’t like. He is still a son of Barcelona. « 

Regarding Messi in the Argentina National Team, Menotti was forceful: « It does not happen to see Messi world champion. I would dream of the Argentina National Team being world champion with or without him. I am happy to see Messi. He deserves a title with the Argentina National Team. Do not forget, that there were moments that classified him alone. Football titles are very difficult, you have to be very lucky. These are moments that pass and chance plays an important role. I think there is a group of soccer players who are very committed to the National Team. They respect each other and really want to be in the National Team. I am optimistic with this group of players and with Messi continuing as before. « 

And finally, he closed: « Messi is sustained by the will, because Messi must have the will to continue dreaming of being MessiBecause sometimes he gets tired of being Messi, because the same thing always happens: when he makes four goals he seems normal and when he doesn’t score a goal it is because he is big. Then he is brave. You have to be Messi! On the other hand, in the national team he never tires of being Messi, perhaps in football he tires of being Messi, because it is very difficult to be Messi every Sunday. It is not easy. «