The technician of the Liverpool, Jürgen Klopp, gave a ‘zasca’ ESPN journalist Martin Ainstain, when asked if he was concerned about the risk of contagion of the coronavirus in a contact sport like football, during the press conference prior to the return of the round of 16 of the Champions League between Liverpool and the Atlético de Madrid.


Act. 03/11/2020 at 10:00


“I hope the work you do is better than your question”, answered the German coach of the ‘reds’ before adding that “Soccer is just a game and we are part of society, and we also care and those are the things I like … that you sit here and ask me those questions”.

“You have come on a flight from Madrid and schools and universities are closing, but soccer is worth it to travel and get around. Soccer is within a common problem. Our role is to play and yours is to communicate, and I hope you do better than asking questions. “he reiterated.


“And that’s what really pisses me off. I have a problem, but you don’t have it and we all have the same problem. You said you don’t play soccer, but that’s only part of it. Are you worried? “He asked the journalist, before confirming that “The players are in good health, but 22 footballers who do not shake hands is a sign for society”.

Given the growing tension created in the world of sports by the coronavirus, forcing the suspension of Serie A matches in Italy and playing behind the scenes in LaLiga in Spain, the Liverpool coach was very blunt: “There are more important things than soccer and we are realizing now. I do not know enough about how much this can help. We will respect what they decide, but I also do not know how much sense it would make to play without an audience”.

As for the possible restriction measures with coronavirusstressed his “respect for what the authorities decide”. “I already said last week that I don’t think you should ask me about this, but it’s different and it’s not about me as a coach, it’s about me as a human being. I think some things are more important than soccer and all we need is time to find a solution. “, valued.