Risto Mejide lived on Monday June 29 one of his most tense connections in ‘Everything is a lie’. The presenter called Poland Castellanos, representative of Christian Lawyers, to analyze the controversial complaint that your organization has filed against the director general of the Civil Guard, María Gámez Gámez, for placing the LGTBIQ + flag on the avatar of social networks of the body on the occasion of Pride.

Risto Mejide, in ‘Everything is a lie’

Mejide gave an example of other reasons that the Civil Guard already used in its social networks. A flag of Mexico, the purple bow for the 8M or the black crepe for the official mourning due to the coronavirus. « The case we are debating is this, and it is not allowed. You can try to take me on other lines but I have been called to speak on this subject and I will speak only on this, which is against the law, « settled the lawyer.

The presenter was not silent about the organization’s position: « You are against this case … I hope many people are against you in this caseCastellanos replied offended: « Isn’t that a hate crime? », But Mejide was not willing to consent to the fallacy. « No, having an opinion contrary to yours is not a hate crime, it is defending integration and diversity« stressed the Catalan.

Making it clear that « they have every right in the world to file a lawsuit, » Risto assured that his « hope » is that many people will stand against Christian Lawyers « because I believe that an inclusive country, and rights and freedoms must be defended from all institutions and that those who attack that defense directly must have many people against it. « 

« We are not equidistant »

« If there is a law that defends what you defend, I hope that this law ends up being changed, because I believe in a country in which we all fit, » Mejide defended before dismissing, although the truth is that no law prohibits modifying the logo in this way. , as confirmed by Joan Miquel Perpinyà, journalist and former Civil Guard, the first who openly declared himself gay 18 years ago. « Thank you both for giving us your views, although this program, of course, is not equidistant on this issue« reaffirmed the presenter.