Ale Galán Attend OKDIARIO to analyze how it is carrying out the quarantine in these difficult times. The paddle stopped when only one tournament had been played, the one in Marbella, in which the player from Madrid He started an exciting year with his new partner, Juan Lebrón. Galán and ‘el ​​lobo’ are the fashion couple of the World Padel Tour circuit. Number three in the world explains how they got together and why this situation occurred earlier than they anticipated. In addition, he tells us his impressions on when the competition can be resumed.

Question.– How are you quarantined?

Answer.- It is something completely different. Mentally I get along well, it’s not costing me, but I do need to be active. In my day to day always between morning and afternoon, I do not stop from one side to the other and generally at home I am little. Sometimes a break even comes in handy but I need to expend energy. I’m like a dog, you have to get it out and you have to spend energy (laughs).

Q.- You will want to go out and take a shovel …

R.- Yes, that’s it, I have nothing to do some padel at home and it costs.

Q. – The coronavirus has caught you at the beginning of the season … in Formula 1 and MotoGP they are suspending the grand prizes, the Euro Cup, the Games have been postponed … do you see the year in danger?

R.- These are changes that we are having to adapt to and when we return we will see in what conditions we do it. We do not know how many tournaments will be directly postponed or canceled. We don’t know if this will drag on too long and push the season forward … we will also need another preseason to train again. I do not know how it will adapt, what I understand today is that as soon as we can, the tournaments will be resumed. The intention of the circuit and the players is to return and compete and it does not matter if the circuit that we want to do is condensed. We are expecting everything because every two weeks the state of alarm is being extended. Hopefully all this will be solved soon.

Q.- It must be difficult to keep fit without losing technique, do you also practice in your living room like como the wolf ’?

R.- Training with a shovel is difficult and I hope I don’t forget to play paddle tennis (laughs). We will have to go back and keep polishing things, get back in touch with the ball, regain timing … all that will have to be done again. Regarding the physical part, I try to maintain myself because I don’t have the material or the space or anything. I try to do a lot of self-loading exercise, cardio I do a stationary bike that I have at home. As I can, I exercise every day. I do a little in the morning and a little in the afternoon, so I amuse myself.

Q.- When did you decide you wanted to play with Lebrón? Who called who?

R.- At the beginning my intention was to keep the project with Pablo Lima, I knew that Juan (Lebrón) was likely that we could join our paths, but more in the future. It was something we could have raised, each on their own because we had never discussed it. The circumstances are those, his partner (Paquito Navarro) and mine (Pablo Lima) speak and Juan and I do not doubt it. We had both had a very good season and we fit in very well, we got along great. At the moment it was being spectacular as we worked on the track. The results were good, a final (Marbella), and I think we can continue to opt for something else.

Q. – Paquito’s call to Lima prompted the decision …

R.- I am happy with the change. It was not my intention but it was as we have said: Pablo (Lima) accepts the offer of Paco (Navarro) and, at that moment, Juan called me, I saw what possibilities I could have and without speaking to anyone else I decided to play with Juan, who told me from the first moment and I think it is the best option without hesitation.

Q.- They are the fashion couple, many World Padel Tour fans were looking forward to seeing you together on the track… what do you need to be number one again?

R.- Hopefully we will be number one again, we will have to prove it if we deserve it or not. For me, by game Juan has all the possible resources and I can also help him a lot. We are both very competitive. We still need things to improve, luckily we have a lot to improve. We are 23 and 25 years old, we still have a lot of progression and a lot of desire to continue improving. In Marbella there was little missing, a first set that we lost in the tie-break, which could have fallen anywhere, a very good second set in which we were superior and a third set where we went to break up and another break ball, but turned around. They (Paquito and Lima) are going to be the couple to beat around the world, right now they are number one, and we will have to work harder to take the next games.

Q.- The coronavirus has cut the wings to the paddle a little at the beginning of a season that was exciting with several high-level couples, is it the most expensive year to win a tournament?

R.- It is a year of many changes, many new couple projects, a new rule, the golden point, which now with all this has been forgotten a bit but it was a topic that we all talked about. I don’t know if it will be the year that costs the most to win a tournament, hopefully we can continue to improve, that we improve our numbers and above all that our level improves. As for couples, I do not know how we will all return, who will be affected more or less by the break. It is difficult now to predict what is to come.

Q.- How do you receive the news of the implementation of the new standard, the golden point?

R.- We received it by email (laughs), there was no consensus, there was no discussion on the subject. It was a possibility that a long time ago when we had to sign the renewal they told us that this was a possibility and you have to sign. We signed and they told us: “This year is the golden point.” For us (Juan and me) it was an opportunity to continue improving and adapting. As for the other players, I know that there is a better and worse reception regarding that. I personally liked paddle tennis as usual. Equally, I am not against anything. It is an opportunity to improve personally, keep adapting and growing.

Q.- Do you think that when the quarantine ends they will be able to return to normality and fill the halls like every week, or will they have to play behind closed doors?

R.- I do not know. It is all hanging on a very fine thread, where it is not known whether after they let us leave the house, they can continue to hold events where many people accumulate. I’m not sure if it will be allowed, that is not our decision. I think that paddle tennis is growing a lot, people are looking forward to playing again, seeing it again, we are looking forward to doing it and if it is the people’s intention, the stadiums will continue to be filled. Both the World Padel Tour and we and the entire public are putting paddle tennis to a very high level, especially in the face of the show for people to see. I hope that it continues to fill up, that when they let us go outside it is because there really is security for all people and that with that security they have the confidence to go to the halls full of people and that there is no fear about it.

Q.- When do you think they will be able to resume the competition?

R.- I have no further information. There are still several weeks at home. Oviedo may be a bit hasty, put it for the Argentina or Lleida tournament. You also have to see the situation in Argentina, how it is developing. I was talking to friends in the area, it seems that they have limited it a lot, that there are not so many infections, that there are more fines, well more than prison fines because they are not wanting to speculate there. They are held prisoner, locked up and that there is no further spread of the virus. The situation is that or at least it is the information that comes to me. Hopefully the Buenos Aires tournament continues, I have a very good memory (champion in 2019), and that we can start competing there.

Q.- After so much time off, do you think that you should do an express mini preseason?

R.- The reality is that we will all be in the same situation, the same conditions, but I do think it is necessary. To show our best level we have to be physically well, have been training and, for example, in my case that I have played a tournament with my partner I am going to shoot almost a month and a half without playing with him again. Again you have to start and adjust. The vacations that we take after the Final Master are shorter than the season that we are going to spend here at home, without any type of activity because I am still quite active on vacations: I go to the gym, I do other sports and now it is an inactivity … Here we do functional work, where we do mobility, self-loading work with your own weight, but in the end the work is different. For me it is necessary to do a preseason again.

Q.- What do you think will be the key for the Galán-Lebrón couple to be successful?

R.- Maintain the illusion we are having because when it comes to work we are two of the players who work the most, we do it tomorrow, afternoon and night if necessary. We are two players who give ourselves completely to that. If we maintain the illusion, the desire and the communication that we are having, I believe that we can grow. It is not that we have reached our highest level, if not the other way around I would say, it is our first tournament and from here we have to start adjusting, working and hopefully we can continue raising our level.

Q.- As a Real Madrid player, do you think that Real Madrid has been helped by this break?

R.- As an athlete I think that nothing is good for any athlete. It is a long halt. We know the situation of soccer players is different because everyone will probably have their own gym at home but it is very different. In addition, it is a team sport where they will also need to do that type of work.

Q.- Do you see Real Madrid going up in the Etihad?

R.- We had a difficult situation in the Champions League but I think there are few teams that can turn this situation around. I always trust Real Madrid. What I hope and wish is that this coronavirus problem will end soon and if it can return to normal well, if not we will see what decisions they make in football.

Q.- And winning the Champions League?

R.- Hopefully yes. What Real Madrid has achieved is very difficult, being in the elite is difficult and stressful and winning the Champions three years in a row as they did is very difficult. Except for Real Madrid, there are few teams that have managed to be in a Champions League final so many times. The normal thing would be that this year these results did not come, but as I say Real Madrid is the exception that confirms that rule. We must have faith.