“I have won 25 and a half titles in my career”


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The AS Roma coach, Jose Mourinho, has highlighted that not being able to play the Carabao Cup final with Tottenham is a spinet nailed in The Late Late Show with James Corden: “I have won 25 and a half titles in my career. Half is the final that I did not play with Tottenham. A final is always a dream, but having the opportunity to win a trophy with a club that does not have many was a double dream.”.

The Portuguese, who he was dismissed in London and will coach Roma in the 2021/22 season, acknowledged that he had on the table the proposals to lead Portugal and England: “When I was at Real Madrid, they offered me to coach Portugal. They also offered me to coach England when I left Chelsea, but I realized it was too early. It’s the kind of job that I think I’ll enjoy later on.“.

The ex of Chelsea, Real Madrid or Manchester United spoke clearly about his competitiveness and desire to win: “When we won the Europa League and the Cup with Manchester United I thought that for the following year the players I had were not enough. In that season, people said it was a great season because we finished second, but I said that being second is a bad season “.

France, the favorite for the Eurocup

Mourinho also shared his opinion on who can win the Euro Cup: “England can win the Euro, but I see that France has an incredible squad. Other than that, I don’t see a team that is better than the others.”.

The Super League, get away from the fans

The coach also gave his opinion on the Super League, a project he was aware of and did not share: “I knew the project was underway and that it would come out. The way people reacted was amazing. I’m a football lover. I was moved by that reaction.”.

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