“I have the feeling that this is the year”

06/10/2021 at 8:48 PM CEST

Tatiana Perez

In the middle of two weeks of absolute concentration with the sole objective of achieving promotion to the First Division, Captain Aday Benítez spoke to the media to explain the “good time & rdquor; of the team before the first leg of the play-off final in Vallecas (9pm). The experience of four promotions that have lived with Girona -the 2014-15 season they fell in the semifinals with Zaragoza, the 15-16 in the final against Huesca, the last one by a goal in the last minute against Elche and the present one remains to be seen-, they force him to appeal to the prudence but does not renounce to “go to death & rdquor; to get it. “Either we go up or we are not worth anything & rdquor;, he claimed.

Being one of the authorized voices in the dressing room, Aday assured that those of Francisco feel “strong and very plugged & rdquor;. “We have a very good dynamic, even leaving a clean sheet in Almería, but it’s a final and anything can happen. These games are not played, they are won & rdquor ;, he pointed out. In addition, the lane warned that Rayo seems to him “the most dangerous team in the category with a lot of gunpowder up & rdquor; and that Girona “is not a favorite at all & rdquor ;.

“It is a tie that everyone wants to see because we are two teams, fifth and sixth, that we are strong and we have played everything in the last days & rdquor ;, he said. Despite the fact that Iraola’s men “arrive with a lot of morale and confidence to win the semifinals & rdquor; in Girona “there is a different energy & rdquor; compared to last year’s play-off: “I have the feeling that this is the year but you have to be careful because we haven’t achieved anything yet. We are brave and we have to believe. It is time to forget about the past & rdquor ;.

Aday, who ends his contract this June 30, explained that he has not yet spoken to the club about his renewal. After seven consecutive seasons in Girona, he commented that “if we go back to the First Division, it will be better if not worse & rdquor ;.

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