“I have received threats and insults to my children”

06/25/2021 at 10:58 AM CEST

One of the proper names of the Spanish team in the European Championship is, without a doubt, Alvaro Morata. The Atlético de Madrid striker on loan to Juventus was last night on the radio program ‘El Partidazo’ on Cadena Cope where he recounted the rather sad episodes of this Eurocup and was met with criticism.

The Madrid striker said that “these days I have received threats, insults to my family, I hope my children die … but I’m fine, maybe a few years ago I would have been screwed. After the match against Poland, I was in bed for nine hours without sleeping. I’ve spent a few weeks isolated from everything, focused on my work. “

On the whistles of the fans in these three first-phase matches, the current Juve player said: “Part of the public whistles at me because it is what they hear, but I give everything on the field. I give my life for the national team. If we had won 3-0 against Sweden or Poland, in the end the stadium would have done ‘the wave. Everything I say or do not say is interpreted in many ways, but I wish people would put more in my skin“.

As for his famous statement about ‘giving your opinion is free’, Morata He indicated that “I said it hotly and with anger for having finished that game with a draw and not with a victory. I’m not going to get cool in front of all of Spain.”

Finally, the player commented: “Maybe in the field I have not done my job as well as I should. I understand that I am criticized because I have not scored a goal, but I wish people would put themselves in my place when it comes to receiving threats, telling you to have your children die. Later, if a tragedy happens they will say, ‘this is a good kid’, but every time I get to the room, my phone goes somewhere else. What bothers me the most is that they say things to my wife, that they say them to my children. They tell them everything“.

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