“I have not come to this”

On the afternoon of Saturday, January 23, ‘Viva la vida’ had a visit from María Teresa Campos. The presenter thus presented herself for an interview before the cameras, for the first time since her conflict with Isabel Gemio broke out as a result of the tense interview that both starred on the Extremadura’s YouTube channel. The meeting, in fact, ended so badly that Campos even called his former colleague an « asshole », in addition to launching other harsh criticisms against her in a call with the ‘Save me’ team.

María Teresa, very serious during her interview with Emma García in ‘Viva la vida’

The matter was one of the issues that Emma García wanted to discuss during her meeting with Campos, although not at the beginning, as it ended up happening when María Teresa indicated that « I did not want to answer anyone » on the subject. « I think there has been a wonderful document to know the truth, which is when my interview and the other interview are put on. And I appreciate it very much, » added the communicator, and later confess that « I would not like the topic this afternoon to be this, because I have come to meet you, I appreciate you and you always know it. «  » I would not like it to be the beginning or the first topic, because I have many more things, « Emma clarified, given the tense attitude of the interviewee. » Enough has been said, they have said many things to her, « Campos pointed out bluntly, after which she defended that « You don’t have to lynch a person either and I want them to leave her alone, because she hasn’t killed anyone. We have had a disagreement and holy Easter ».

Campo described the treatment of his confrontation as « too exaggerated », although he understood that « people get hung up on things, but they have sold themselves excessively and it was not so bad either. » After reviewing what had happened, from the tense interview between Gemio and Campos, to the response that the former gave to the latter after his criticisms, Campos once again emphasized that « the first thing I said is that I was not coming to this. » . « Well, this is one of the issues. I wanted to start with something else, » Garcia said, faced with the continuous insistence of the guest, who he crossed his arms, in an angry attitude. « Now the headline is: ‘María Teresa has gone to answer …’. No! No, because it pissed me off. I didn’t come to that. I have come for Emma, ​​because I have many things to thank you for, « Campos declared bluntly. The communicator then indicated that » this matter must be finished, but not for me, but for her. « 

« Why do I have to apologize? »

María Teresa Campos, during her interview with Emma García in ‘Viva la vida’

In addition to talking about the conflict with Gemio, Emma also addressed the latest dispute between María Teresa Campos and Jorge Javier Vázquez, when the interviewee visited ‘Sábado deluxe’ in early October 2020. « I’m fine with him, I don’t know if he’s well with me, « said María Teresa, who stated that « I had a hard time, because I could not speak of what I had come to speak. » « For me, we have the same relationship as before. At some point he has said nonsense and so have I », defended the guest.

However, When Emma wanted to know if he had « apologized » to the presenter, the tension and anger returned to Campos. « Why do I have to apologize? I have not been able to explain myself and I have saved that explanation »declared the veteran presenter, after which she confessed that « I neither felt proud nor did I feel guilty about anything. » Campos even went so far as to assure, very convinced, that « I don’t remember that » when Emma mentioned the « final fireworks » of the interview with Jorge Javier, in which the communicator had insulted the Catalan calling him « asshole » or « fool « , which had ended up filling Vázquez’s patience.