“I have no more left” by Selena Quintanilla and her sad story

“I have no more” by Selena Quintanilla and her sad story | Instagram

The platform Netflix brought it managed to make the name of Selena Quintanilla become a trend again, as the series progresses we become aware of certain situations that occurred throughout Selena’s life and career as well as the creation of certain songs, as was the case from “I have no more“and his sad story.

As the chapters progressed in both the first and the second part, you managed to observe certain behaviors in the characters and although you may have already imagined this, you surely did not know that an ill-reciprocated love was the one that gave life to this beautiful song.

As you know AB Quintanilla Selena’s older brother was the one who composed and produced the songs for the beautiful celebrity and queen of Tex-Mex.

However, in the second season of the Selena series, we realized that the singer also wrote one of the successful songs, which surely on more than one occasion you have sung it we talked about “Bidi bidi bom bom“, which she dedicated to her husband Chris Pérez.

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How well do you know the love between Selena quintanilla and Chris Pérez managed to materialize in the end, however within the group “Selena y los Dinos” an unrequited love was born between the keyboardist. Ricky Vela who joined the group in 1985.

Ricky Vela was the author of the song “I have no more left”, he was also in love with a beautiful woman, but it was not Selena but rather his older sister Suzette Quintanilla placeholder image in the group she was in charge of playing the drums.

Surely in some chapters of the series you managed to notice that Hunter Reese Peña, who plays Ricky Vela in the Selena series, at some point showed feelings for the beautiful drummer.

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If you have had the opportunity to see the series you will know that Suzette married her boyfriend in 1993, after this event the young man decided to write this song, which will surely have caused more than one sigh for an unrequited love, especially because In the official video, we see precisely a wedding of the person he loves with another.

“There is no more to me” became one of Selena’s greatest hits, it was on the fourth album of her career entitled “Forbidden Love” this was the third single that was released, the combination of ticket with mariachi gives it a touch unique and special.

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This melody was praised by many musicians and adored by millions of admirers of the singer, it was the perfect combination between the lyrics, the arrangement of the music production and especially the voice and interpretation of Selena was perfect, there is no doubt that they made an excellent team all work together.

Undoubtedly the songs or in general a project that is based on a true story, especially those of love and heartbreak are the ones that have the most impact among the public, many manage to identify themselves immediately and they have even come to think without a doubt twice “it was made for me” or “That’s my song.”

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Something that undoubtedly is what we identify with Selena’s songs, as we have seen in the series, that each of the melodies that were presented to us in some episodes have more than interesting stories and above all real, that is why Although 26 years have passed since his departure, they continue to be a favorite of the public, they are undoubtedly iconic melodies that we will surely continue to listen to throughout the years.

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