“I have never rejected a character for being based on the physical”

Álex de la Iglesia’s series ’30 coins’ has just been released for HBO Spain, and Miguel Ángel Silvestre is one of its protagonists. On the occasion of the premiere, the actor has given an interview to Madmenmag magazine where he reviews the most prominent roles of his career and in which he talks about the experience of working with one of the most recognized directors in the audiovisual scene Spanish. Further, stars in a sensual photoshoot where he shows off his worked naked torso.

Miguel Ángel Silvestre poses without a shirt in a very sexy photoshoot for MadmenmagMADMENMAG

The Castellón has explained that he has never rejected a character for relying too much on the physical without having a justification behind. For him, the only reason for refusing to play a character is to notice that they are « too flat, made from the point of view of the cliché », in which it cannot contribute anything new because « a dish is served that we have seen all our lives ». « To me the Duke [de ‘Sin tetas no hay paraíso’] It doesn’t seem like a cliché to me. Or Javi Bultaco from ‘Vida y color’ doesn’t seem like it to me either. Or Lito, from ‘Sense8’. Or the one I did with Pedro Almodóvar … Each one in his own way has had something peculiar « , Silvestre stated.

Despite acknowledging that he is aware of the importance of carefully selecting the roles he accepts, the interpreter has confessed that has « regretted having said yes to some characters » and he gives as an example that of a film that has not yet been released, but of which he does not want to reveal the name because he hopes that « no one will see it ». « The only power that an actor has is to say yes or no to a project, because once you have said yes, you are at the mercy and at the service of a director, » explained Silvestre, as he considers that in the montage it is « where it really is the characters are cooked « and » where the directors can save your ass « by choosing the actor’s good moments.

Proud to work with Álex de la Iglesia

Silvestre has been very happy to have worked with the director Álex de la Iglesia giving life to one of the protagonists of ’30 coins’. « As a Spanish actor when Álex de la Iglesia offers you a character you don’t even read the script, you accept and that’s it. He is one of our directors with capital letters and I felt very proud when he proposed it to me », explained the actor, who considers that the series « is amazing. » Silvestre, who defines his character, Mayor Paco, as « very rough but totally at the mercy of his wife », has also confessed that he would have left the series if he had had the opportunity due to the intensity of the filming.