Act. 02/26/2020 at 11:00

24 hours after his debut at the Acapulco Open, Rafael Nadal He attended the media to comment on his feelings before the tournament where he debuts this morning in front of his friend Pablo Andújar.

Last year Rafa he was eliminated at the hands of Australian Nick Kyrgios, with whom they could meet again in a hypothetical final.

The Balearic tennis player, who has won the Mexican tournament twice, assures that in no case does he think of revenge: “I have never had a feeling of revenge, no feeling of revenge helps you win games, but the opposite. The only thing that makes revenge is that you cannot think clearly and when it comes to competing you have to have a cool head. “

Nadal He explained his memory of that game without showing any resentment towards Kyrgios: “Last year I lost a tight game that I should have won, but it is part of our sport; I don’t have a bad memory of that, it was a positive experience.”

A complicated first game against Andújar

About the game this morning against Andújar, Rafa recalled that: “It is a first round against a teammate with whom we have known each other since we were little, a good friend. A first game, which as always is complicated against someone who knows me. On top of that I haven’t played against him for a while but I am looking forward to doing it well “, said.

Although they have been commanding world tennis for many years, the Manacorí is aware that he and Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic are getting older: “Over time we lose virtues and we have to add others, it has been the key to such a success elongated “, he expressed after pointing out that they have sustained their careers in the illusion.

It is clear that he prefers that it is Thiem who wins the next Grand Slam instead of Djokovic, who would get too close in number of big titles. Nadal is 19 while Djokovic has conquered 17: “I have a good relationship with Dominic as I have with Djokovic. If you ask me if I want Djokovic to have more Grand Slams than me, I answer that I don’t. If I have to choose, I have to choose who wins. the other (Thiem) is a purely professional subject. If you ask Novak, he will tell you the same. ” siceró.

The Big 3 WhatsApp group, for professional topics

By the way, he wanted to clarify the controversy about the WhatsApp group that Djokovic revealed that the Big 3 had: “It is not just the three of us. As in any WhatsApp group, we do not have frequent or daily communication between us, but we do When we need to know something about ourselves or congratulations or concerns if not in the group but also on a personal level we have no problem writing to us. The group is more for professional topics. “