The first NBA player infected with coronavirus, Rudy gobert, got in touch with his followers through social networks to inform them of his current situation. The Utah Jazz player, who said he “should have taken the Covid-19 threat more seriously,” is suffering from one of the latest known features of the disease.

03/23/2020 at 11:24


“I just wanted to update you on my evolution. Definitely the loss of the sense of smell and taste is one of the symptoms. I have been unable to smell anything for four days “, he wrote on his social networks.

This statement gives more strength to the latest research indicating that loss of smell and taste are one of the symptoms of the coronavirus. The President of the British Rhinology Association, Claire hopkinsThis was stated on March 20. “That is a sign of infection and anyone who develops those symptoms should isolate themselves. This could slow transmission and save lives.”

The positive of Gobert He arrived a few minutes before the duel between the Utah Jazz and the Thunder began on March 12, an encounter that ended up being suspended and which led to