“I have learned to live with it”

The great activity it presents Amelia Bono on their social networks and the amount of followers that he has on his official account have helped him earn the position of influencer. And like most of them, it has joined the trend of question and answer rounds.

On Instagram she also shares her day-to-day outfits, her sports routines, stays at home and small part of his personal life next to her husband and children. This time he has decided to open up a little more through his stories and answer openly to the questions of his fans.

Amelia has confessed about many aspects of his life, from body treatments to commenting on the Attention deficit disorder you suffer from.

‘Story’ in which Amelia talks about her ADHD.AMELIA BONO / INSTAGRAM

With great education, clear and concise, José Bono’s daughter has answered the question: “Were you seriously diagnosed with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder)? Did you take medication?“.

“Yes, I never took medication. It was not easy in some moments and aspects of my day to day … But it is a very personal issue … And I have learned to live with it “, explained the businesswoman.