“I have discomfort in the part of the shoulder, but I am improving”

05/13/2021 at 6:05 PM CEST

Daniel Guillen

The Repsol Honda rider, Marc Márquez, has acknowledged that he is still not 100% at a physical level despite the fact that he feels motivated to face the races: “I have discomfort in the part of the shoulder, because the humerus is part of the shoulder as well, but I am improving, although there is not much difference compared to Jerez.”

Catalan has also shown very critical of the system holeshot, which allows motorcycles to lock the suspension, both front and rear, and which was initially developed to prevent wheel lift at the time of departure: “I think that in the starts it is a good system, but to have it riding I am totally against it. It is one more thing that we riders have to think about on the bike”.

The eight-time world champion acknowledged that the system does not imply greater safety during the race: “With the holeshot, what you are doing is increasing the maximum speed time and decreasing the braking time. That means reducing the braking space as well, as you arrive faster around the corner. I think that safety does not improve competing, it can even be the other way around, it goes down “.

The recovery continues, but the championship does not stop either

Marc Márquez assured that he still needs more time to return to his physical fullness: “From Jerez it has been difficult for me to recover, especially from the cervical contusion, but not only because of that, but also because of the effort of the arm. When I say of the right arm, in general, I mean everything, the entire right side, that is he is very fatigued, since he is not working as usual; but it is something we knew and we have to accept because there will be time to return to one hundred percent “.

The pilot explained that the calendar is established and that everything will be based on his feelings: “We don’t have time, but we need time, so we have no choice but to respect the days, respect the breaks, and so we arrived at Le Mans after a medical examination in which everything went well, everything was correct, and we have been able to increase physical preparation a bit in the gym. We will also try after Le Mans to increase the physical preparation on the bike with a day of motorcycle training between races to see how the flank responds. ”

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