Fani Carbajo’s entry to ‘La casa fuerte’ and her discussion with Oriana Marzoli accusing her of being an escort caused rumors to emerge that indicated that the madrilenian had practiced prostitution. This was reaffirmed by her aunt Raquel, who commented that she had had to prostitute herself to feed her children and that her niece also, so she did not understand those words towards the Venezuelan.

Fani Carbajo in ‘The Strong House’

In recent days, there has been a lot of agitation around this issue. Thus, the organization of ‘The strong house’ put the video to Fani so that she could know what was being said about her outside the house and, in addition, she had the opportunity to defend herself. The participant of ‘The island of temptations’ has categorically denied having practiced prostitution at no time in his life, explaining why he went to the house where his aunt worked: « That is what the pink-haired lady did. I took her and picked her up from that housebut I didn’t work in that house. « 

« Fortunately or unfortunately, I have been working since I was 14 years old and I have never lacked to eat and when I have lacked, my rings have not fallen off asking for money from my family. But you will have to prove it in court« Fani revealed. Jorge Javier Vázquez himself told him that there would be no problem in the following morning talk to your lawyer to take the appropriate legal measures.

Among the comments that seemed to infuse these accusations were a few words from Fani herself during her participation in the reality show presented by Mónica Naranjo. At, commented that he had dinners with clients. Far from any relationship with prostitution, Carbajo explained that these dinners were due to his work as an alarm salesman and that Christofer Guzmán was aware: « My boyfriend many times has come with me to those houses or premises to set the alarms and help me« 

Fani Carbajo and Christofer Guzmán in ‘La casa fuerte’

The contestants were very upset to know what was said about her outside of that room. Open in the channel, she had no hesitation in saying that she had until she stole to be able to feed her son: « If I had needed it, my face wouldn’t shame either because if I had to steal to feed my son because I haven’t had a hard time doing it and my face doesn’t feel ashamed, but I have never prostituted myself as that lady has done. « 

Her relationship with Raquel

Fani could not understand how her own aunt could have accused her of that, especially because of the good relationship he had had with her until a few years ago and the fact that she had always appreciated everything that had helped her. Ensures that When her ex-partner and her son’s biological father assaulted her and she had to leave home, it was Raquel who welcomed her and helped her in everything. However, as he comments, an anger between the two caused a gesture that Fani will never forgive: « A person who is from your family, even if you don’t talk to her, does not allow to enter his house or give a hot plate to the ex who has mistreated your niece and she doesn’t feed your nephew and she does it for hurting me, Christofer and her nephew, « she recounted, affirming that this fact occurred before she became famous.

Fani Carbajo and Christofer Guzmán in ‘La casa fuerte’

« I spoke of her in Lecturas very well. I will always thank him for everything he did for my sister when she was little as for me and my son, who held out his hand to me when I saw myself on the street. But this, speaking like this about me, is not ashamed, « Fani showed harshly. The contestant also responded to accusations that she liked to lead a very high standard of living, recounting how she had to ask her parents for money because her ex-partner did not pass the support of his son, how he did not have to pay the rent or how the Red Cross had to bring food home.

« If I got along with my aunt Raquel right now, he would be adoring me and he wouldn’t be talking like that. But she is dead with rage inside, that I have not dragged myself to ask her forgiveness as I have always done, « said Fani, who did not understand why they accused her of having spoken ill of her mother if all she said was that she was » loose. « and he already apologized to his family for it.

Christofer’s reaction

Fani flatly denied that her partner knew anything about prostitution. For this reason, Christofer joined his girlfriend to watch the video and tell what he thought of everything that was happening. « This is a shame. They disgust me, disgust. I have no other word, it is disgusting. Not everything is money, in order to earn money they go out there and say anything, « he blurted out. » Everything they have said is a lie. They say that I am aware of a lie and it is even more a lie. It’s just envy. «