“I felt like I was writing the last message of my life”

Last week, the plane carrying the Utah Jazz to Memphis to face the Grizzlies had to make an emergency landing shortly after takeoff because, when passing a flock of birdsSeveral of them ended up inside the engine, thus putting the proper functioning of the plane at risk.

A circumstance that generated great scare among the expedition of the NBA team, especially in Donovan Mitchell, escort team from Salt Lake City.

The player has never hidden his fear of flying, although this latest incident has aggravated his phobia, to the point that he was unable to get on the replacement plane That would take them to Tennessee

“I immediately freaked out. I hate flying planes, in general, and this one didn’t sound good at all. I wrote a message to my mother, my father and my sister just to say one thing: ‘This is it.’ It is a terrifying thought. As if telling them that I loved them very much, as if I was writing the last message of my life. It is what gave me the most fear of all, “he explained to a local newspaper in the capital of Utah.

And he speaks openly about his decision not to take the second plane: “I mentally believed that I couldn’t make the trip, even if it was to play a game. There are things more important than basketball and that was in the middle of my path. Everyone has their things, it happens to me with this flying thing. “

The guard has already returned to team discipline after recovering from the shock. “I’m better”, He assured, in addition to recognizing that he must mentally work on his fear.