“I felt like I could bet everything on them”

Rain says he’s willing to risk everything he’s worked for for his next boyband, Ciipher.

In an interview with 1st Look magazine, according to Newsen and translated by Soompi, the K-pop soloist said that he feels like he could « bet it all » on the upcoming boyband, describing them as « talented and well-mannered. »

« The process of creating Ciipher is due to many factors, but when I met these guys, I felt that I could bet everything on them, » he said. « Whether the group performs well or not, I don’t think I will regret what I have given this group. They are that talented and educated. »

Rain also spoke of his hopes that they would be successful, that they would be able to stand up for themselves individually, though he noted the difficulty of producing their own group: « Every day is exciting, but it’s also like I’m skating on thin ice. It worries and at the same time I am excited about the response of the public. Ciipher has to do it well by himself, but I also have to do it well, and we have to synchronize with the staff who help them shine. « 

Ciipher includes members from diverse backgrounds: Dohwan and Keita were previously a part of YG Entertainment’s Treasure Box. Hyunbin was ranked No. 32 on the survival show Produce X 101, and Sungwon was a member of boy group 1THE9.

In the same interview, the group described Rain as a strict mentor during workouts, but kind and encouraging when he’s out of it. « He shows his sincerity in everything. He takes great care of us, recording our workouts himself and watching the videos down to the smallest detail. As a director, he can be strict, and has keen eyes and ears to detect what is missing, » said the group .

Rain announced the boy band’s release in December of last year under his own label, RAIN Company. In early February, the seven-member group performed Rain’s hit « GANG » during the opening performance of their special episode on KBS’s music competition show Immortal Songs. Ciipher is scheduled to officially debut on March 15, 2021