« I eat this hottie »

All celebrities have a past that sometimes comes to haunt them. Some in television commercials such as Cristina Pedroche, and others in reality shows, as has been the case of David Lafuente. The well-known ex-boyband member Auryn appeared on one of the most prominent shows of 2005, ‘Next’. After several years, some users have recovered the singer’s intervention in the space broadcast on Neox.

David Lafuente in ‘Next’

« I’m David, if they say that nobody is perfect, that nobody is me ». This is how the interpreter of the famous band presented himself at the beginning of the program where he participated to meet a girl and stay as long as possible, since the longer the appointment lasted, the more money the participant took: « I have to tell you that I’m going to be there for ten or fifteen minutes, and that this hottie will eat me »the singer released in front of the other conquerors.

Between songs, talks and naming human bones, the performer achieved his goal, stayed for twenty minutes with his date, and also got a second date. Ten years later, Lafuente’s passage through the Neox program has not gone unnoticed on social networks, and more after the singer made her homosexuality public in 2019 at the same time she introduced her boyfriend, Junior Ferbelles. The former member of Auryn has remembered the video with humor, since he is not embarrassed by his « dark past »: « At least we had a laugh »said the singer while sharing the images.

David Lafuente is almost signed for ‘Physics or chemistry’

At that time, David Lafuente was 22 years old, by then he was already trying to carve out a career in the audiovisual world as an actor and singer. He explained to his date that he was about to be signed by a famous fiction of the time: « I was a finalist for a television series. I was about to get it. In Physics or Chemistry », assured the ex-member of Auryn. His answer completely surprised the young woman he met: « How strong! »

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