The Finn spoke to the German before the start of the Austrian GP

He believes that Ferrari will treat Vettel and Leclerc the same in 2020

Kimi Räikkönen thinks that the relationship between Sebastian Vettel and Ferrari after the announcement of the German’s departure is not as bad as people think. The Finn also believes that Maranello’s men will not give priority to Charles Leclerc in this 2020 season.

Räikkönen spoke to Vettel before the start of the Austrian GP. The German explained to his former partner the delicate situation that he dared in recent weeks following the announcement of his departure from Ferrari at the end of 2020.

Vettel confessed at a press conference that the team never offered him the renewal, as we already anticipated in this header. This is something that upset the four-time champion. Despite this, Räikkönen does not believe that the relationship between the two parties is completely broken.

“I spoke to him briefly the first race weekend, we met before the start. I don’t know much more either. What happens at Ferrari is none of my business. I doubt they have as bad a relationship as many people claim“, has stated in statements to the portal Motorsport-Total.

Now, rumors suggest that Vettel will land at Aston Martin in 2021 to replace Sergio Pérez. Räikkönen experienced a similar situation when changing a leading team like Ferrari to sign for Alfa Romeo.

“Sometimes it is better to leave the team and separate. We will see how his future unfolds. I would not overestimate how difficult it is for him after these races. It was not an easy start for us, either. Although I am sure there is more concern at Ferrari that’s why, “he explained.

Räikkönen believes that Ferrari will not give Charles Leclerc a favorable deal in the remainder of the season. He believes that this is a serious mistake since it can compromise the results of the Scuderia.

“I am sure that both will receive exactly the same treatment. They are interested in obtaining the best possible result with both cars. I do not see any sense or reason for them to do so,” said Räikkönen to finish.

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