Paty Christmas issued a controversial new statement: I don’t wear a muzzle | Reform

The controversial actress Paty Navidad returned to talk about after her controversial statement Regarding the virus, since she assures that she will not use bed covers and once again criticized the measures taken by the coronavirus.

For several months now, Paty Navidad has showed his posture Faced with some issues that have occurred, including the pandemic, since it indicates that for her the virus is only an invention of world governments to have control over the population.

On some occasions, through your official account Twitter the actress has shared different theories which ended up causing great controversy.

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Now, this time, Paty confessed to ignoring the security measures recommended by health authorities to prevent the spread of the virus.

Through a publication, he explained that the use of mask covers would be violating their individual guarantees and you will continue to enjoy your right to freedom.

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In my personal case, I go out every time I want, I don’t wear a muzzle, I hug more, wash my hands as necessary, meditate, take a deep breath, read, write, sometimes I enjoy a glass of wine and music. ”

Christmas made it very clear that She is not scared and he has questioned on more than one occasion the actions taken to stop this pandemic.

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I am not afraid, I do not allow myself to be manipulated, I have faith, I pray, I feel, I see, I think and I question ”.

And as expected, his followers they reacted quickly to the publication, which generated great criticism in this regard and reminded him that it is a way to protect himself.

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However, given the many criticisms it received, Paty Christmas came to his defense and in another publication she detailed that she has found some sources in which it is indicated that its use may be more harmful to health.

They ask that no one hug each other, that no one touch, that no one leave, that no one remove their muzzle, etc. What will happen next? That no one will have a job, that no one will have rights, that no one will have freedom, that no one will be happy, etc. And that everyone will be controlled, that everyone will be slaves. « 

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And it is that for the actress all this that is happening is only for keep us as slaves, something that we can’t really confirm.