Carlos Tevez is the current captain of the Boca squad (Photo: .) (AGUSTIN MARCARIAN /)

Carlos Tevez, a figure of the Miguel Ángel Russo team that obtained the last Super League before soccer stopped due to the coronavirus pandemic, spoke publicly after the offer presented by the Council made up of Juan Román Riquelme, Marcelo Delgado, Raúl Cascini and Jorge Bermúdez. These last two had made noise in the past few days by claiming that the Apache was an « ex-player » when they took over the institution at the end of last year.

Carlitos has the desire to retire with the blue and gold shirt and he does not see himself playing for another team at this point in his career. And from the leadership they try to fulfill his wish, although they retouched the salary numbers that he had agreed with the previous CD. « With Roman the last time I spoke was because of a theme from the boys’ awards and then I talked to Jorge (Ameal). Jorge, Raúl (Cascini) and Chelo (Delgado) are the ones in the negotiation with Adrián (Ruocco). Jorge asked me if he had to speak to me and I told him that with my representative, ”he clarified in dialogue with A Good Time on Radio La Red.

Taking the gauntlet of the statements sentenced by the Skipper Bermúdez, who called him an “ex-player”, the Apache clarified: “I have the field in Maipú and I don’t listen, I don’t see anything. When I train is the only time is when I’m more or less on the phone. Obviously it came to me. They tell you how it was and it bothers you, but you have to tell them indoors and stay indoors. If we have any difference with the subject of the contract we cannot make it public. It would be nice to fix our contract problems indoors. Equally much we do not have to fix. In a negotiation one has his position, the other his and it seems to me that both are valid ”.

« Nothing happens. You understand the situation, a lot of things. I want to go well with Boca, I don’t want to fight with anyone. I’m also not going to let them disrespect me, obviously. But it stays here. We will surely discuss it privately. The good for Boca is that we sit down, talk and if they have to tell me something they will say it. It was there, « he insisted.

In relation to its continuity, he warned that he will accept extend the bond for six months and that donate everything you collect to any entity non-profit: “I will continue in Boca, obviously. I want one more chance to play Libertadores. This pandemic means that it is not known what will happen to the Libertadores. If it is going to be played this year. Surely Adrián already sent him the offer that they made accepting the terms with some changes surely, but we accept what they proposed without any problem. We will leave in the contract where it will go, I do not want to see any silver. That directly go where we are going » Laughing, he asked the journalists for help: « They are going to have to lend me for gasoline ».

“We just finished training for Zoom. I am feeling physically well. It is a strong workout, but there is nothing like it because you do it in the gym, the one that has space does it outside, the one that does not have to do it on a bike or on treadmill the one that has. The training is adapted to what they can and what they have at home. He who has a field intermittently does it in the field ”, he clarified about his distance training process.

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