“I don’t think the City is scared”

Surpassed with note his passage through England, to Guardiola you have a pending account in Europe. Five years after arriving in Manchester, he has not found his place in a Champions League that has resisted him every season. Now, however, things have changed. Or so it seems. City are better than ever, although the Catalan is reluctant to think that his rivals play under conditions: “I don’t think City is afraid of. It is not the right word ”, he stressed.

Be that as it may, in the Champions League the team has not measured up. For details, bad luck or for any other reason, but City has not reached a semifinal in the last five years: “We were better than Lyon last year, and Tottenham the previous one,” he defended Guardiola. Despite the good run in the league, the dressing room has to change the chip and adapt to the continental scenario against a Gladbach who is not going through his best moment in Germany.

Pep He says that he never looks at the table to analyze and talk about his rivals: “It is a structured, organized team. Sommer He is an excellent goalkeeper, who helps to generate game, he has high quality footballers such as Stindl or Krammer”, Said the Santpedor in the prelude to a meeting that has not been able to prepare too much. After returning from London, City have barely been able to train. A couple of talks from Pep and a little more before flying to Budapest.

A game that, as to date, is going to be played behind closed doors. Though Boris johnson He announced yesterday that from May they will be able to return fans to the stadiums: “I hope it can be done, but I think we have a long way to go and in a short time things can change and get worse. Better keep calm, “concluded a Guardiola who does not want to rush into the Champions League either. Step by step without obsessing over reigning in Europe.