Since the NBA returned, the national anthem of the United States has played in every game, and all the participants (both players and coaching staff) have knelt as a gesture of protest against the racism of the North American country. All until Jonathan Isaac, player of Orlando Magic, He decided not to do it in the game this past Friday against Brooklyn Nets.

Since the moment Isaac decided to use his freedom of expression by not kneeling on the ground, much has been pointed out to him through social networks. As it could not be otherwise, after the meeting he was asked about this decision, and what motivated him to do so. His words were as follows:

« I don’t think kneeling down or wearing a T-shirt with a message is the answer, at least that’s my perspective. Of course I think black people’s lives matter. But wearing a T-shirt with the slogan » Black Lives Matter « I don’t think make it the solution. I felt that way and decided not to kneel down. « 

Jonathan Isaac, who last March became a religious minister, assures that his decision is related to his faith. On this he sentenced the following:

« I feel that for me the lives of black people are supported through the Gospel. All lives do. The Bible tells us that we are all equal to the glory of God. That should help us and should be the reason why that we solve our errors and conflicts. «