In his extensive career as DT, Marcelo Bielsa It went through teams of all sizes and colors. From Newell’s or Mexican soccer, passing through Vélez to the Argentine and Chilean National Teams.

But currently, the DT is living a happy stage with the English Leeds and is one step away from promoting to the First Division of this country. Faced with this, there was a debate in England about whether the Argentine coach will continue in office.

And one of those who dared to throw a forecast is his brother, Rafael, who said that « I haven’t talked to him in a long time, he didn’t say a single word to me. It seems to me that the question is the other way around: ‘How can you avoid renewing if you are champion?’ ».

But in addition, the former Foreign Minister gave a forecast of the next Leeds match and assured that « on Thursday Bamford turns his head. He will have his reward for the two goals he missed below the goal in the last two games. it seems that fate will reward him. « 

Rafael said that Loco Bielsa « likes the identity and takes the facilities into account in order to carry out his project. I did not visit him, but I read that in the city he is a » Rock Star « phenomenon. He is dear, he is a club he meets and that locker room handles it. It is always better for the Premier to arrive with a team where you know all the players. It will be difficult for them to say no. « 

As if to draw a parallel to what the coach’s visit to Chile was, Rafael Bielsa said that « in Santiago you are living with great expectations. If there is any Chilean sector that does not agree with its game, I do not know it. From what I read and listen, there is a huge love for their work and they follow Leeds more than there. In general, it is more beloved in Chile than in Argentina. At least I don’t hear the same criticism and disqualifications. « 


Finally, during an interview with Superfootball, he announced that he does not see the DT returning to Newell’s as it was rumored at one time. « Leeds press conferences are a delight, journalists talk about football. Why should Marcelo be asked, expected or required to direct Newell`s. I cannot be blunt in any way, but I don’t see them as possibilities either. close, « he closed.