“I do not understand that we are involved in this debate”

The PP spokesman and mayor of Madrid, Jose Luis Martínez Almeida (Photo: Espejo Público, Antena 3.)

The spokesman of the PP and mayor of Madrid, Jose Luis Martínez Almeida, has referred this Tuesday to the controversy generated in Genoa with the announcement of the candidacy of Isabel Díaz Ayuso to lead the Madrid PP. “I do not understand that we are involved in this debate instead of helping Madrid”, he has sentenced.

The disagreement, which has grown in the last week, could even be immortalized in a photo: the absence of Díaz Ayuso at the table of regional presidents of the PP national convention on October 2 in Valencia. If finally your trip to the United States makes you not attend, it will be the only one left out of the snapshot.

For his part, Almeida has insisted that the harmony between the two “has always been good”, but has stressed that “the future of the convention will not determine whether or not there is a regional president.”

The mayor of Madrid has also spoken about the words of the former president of Madrid, Esperanza Aguirre, who has criticized the sector near Almeida, whom he has referred to as “little kids headed by a boy whose name I don’t want to remember.”

The PP spokesman has indicated that “he has not felt alluded to”, but has reiterated that, in any case, who must clarify who he was referring to must be Aguirre herself.

This same Monday, the president of the PP, Pablo Casado, also answered about the controversy, assuring that he can neither comment on the party in Madrid nor “touch” to do so. “It is an issue that leads to nothing,” he reiterated.

Speaking to Cadena COPE, Casado added that both the president of Madrid and the mayor of the capital, know like him that “the internal work of the party is secondary” to the institutional work that they exercise from their respective positions and has shown ” convinced that from now on we are on to what is important ”.

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