Iker Jiménez can’t take it anymore. The presenter of ‘Fourth millennium’ has shared an extensive thread on his Twitter profile in which he opens the channel, showing himself completely broken and discouraged. He does so after receiving countless criticisms and insults for not supporting the so-called « plandemic », a term coined by Internet users who defend that the coronavirus does not exist and is a great plan of the governments of the entire planet. Jiménez has decided to say « enough » and make it clear that despite what they may call him, he has experienced firsthand the consequences of this health crisis that has been plaguing the entire planet for months.

Iker Jimenez

« I have tried to dialogue and argue with many of you. I check to my regret that there is no possible dialogue. I’m very sorry, « the presenter begins by saying, to later make it clear that » I am not a traitor, I am not in favor of Soros, Bildelberg or Freemasonry. « He remembers that during these months » I have tried to listen and attend to arguments. But I verify that a whole series of ideas are rooted that will not cease to be« , so it is impossible to try to shed light on the people who do believe in this great conspiracy. » It remains in my conscience (…) my attempt to make understood. It has not served with many (…) and it hurts my soul. I have investigated thoroughly and many of the things that are argued in some books and social networks are an example of brutal manipulation, « he continues.

« They do not know me nor do they know how I am »

Jiménez is saddened and believes that something has not been done well « so that they think that I am a traitor, a paid and a spreader of fear » and « for not knowing how to make people understand that this is not a joke (…) the pandemic is real and quite uncontrollable ». In addition, he remembers that today « our short-term future is at stake. That of our children. » « It saddens me because it is a part of my followers who accuse me of all this. I know it is not true. But I can’t convince anyone. They don’t know me. They don’t know how i am« , he continues, remembering that throughout his career also » I have had many problems precisely because of thinking and spreading ideas that are not politically correct.

« I can no longer convince, nor should I »

To try to make understand those who believe that all this is a great lie, he puts his most personal case on the table, confessing that « I have lost friends and loved ones » and makes it very clear that « I can only report what I know. And I will continue to do so. Despite threats, insults or campaigns. » « I can no longer convince, nor do I owe, anyone of anything. I wish you health and luck. Although they are no longer with me« , says the presenter of Mediaset, before remembering that throughout this time » I have not been lukewarm in denouncing the demons that swarm there. But I am not believed.  »