“I did not realize when I grabbed her breasts,” explains Vicente Fernández after viral video – Las Noticias de Chihuahua – Entrelíneas

This Monday Vicente Fernández offered an interview to Mara Patricia Castañeda to talk about the viralized images last week, in which he sees himself taking pictures with some of his followers at that ranch, Los Tres Potrillos, but grabbing their breasts. The images were broadcast on Tik Tok and quickly became a trend.

During the talk, Vicente commented that his ranch is a tourist spot, so normally many people go to visit him and he goes out to take pictures with them and even sing to them. He stressed that he never realized that he was grabbing the visitor’s breasts, and in fact, recently he asked that tourists no longer stop because of the risky road where his ranch is.

“I saw the photo and indeed yes, I put my hand first on her stomach, I raised my hand and when I raised it they took the photo, but I never did it like that (gesture of wanting to grab her breasts), no, no, no, yes something I have is to respect the public but I do want to apologize to all the media that have treated me very well throughout my career and I admit that I did wrong or I don’t know if it was joking, I don’t know, I don’t remember, it was a lot of people and as I say, I offer you an apology with all my heart, if I had done it with all intention I will not do it there, I would have taken it to the stables, I don’t even remember how it happened ”.

He remembered that he sang to his visitors and even dressed as a charro to sing to them. Mara asked him about the other two women who also shared experiencing the same situation and asked if he attributed this to a monetary issue. Vicente denied having offered an amount of money.

“Nor do I do it because that would be to admit that I did it with morbid, no, no, I apologize, but that they sue me, I also put lawyers, how would I tell you, and for the other two who say they left I don’t even know what they were like It was seconds that passed for the photo, since that day that came out, I have not watched television other than movies “

He added that his wife, Cuca, saw the note and also wondered why up to three years after it occurred they had commented on the issue. He recalled that in his career years, he lived many experiences where his followers hugged him or when they went to see him they asked him to sit on their legs and even kiss him.

“They did serve themselves with enthusiasm, but far from making me angry it made me laugh and it also made me laugh.” He also said that once a woman, when she kissed him, tried to tear out his tongue, and for a week he had a black tongue.

“It has always been my greatest gift that the public loves me so much, I know that the public knows me and what they see on TV misses me a lot, what you say hurts me, it doesn’t bother me because I never gave rise to gossip, I was not a saint and everyone knows it, but they never saw me. What happened was an accident ”.

In the interview, uploaded to YouTube, Vicente emphasized that it was not easy to talk about the subject, because he did not even remember the people who pointed it out, and when Mara asked him if he wanted to say something to people, he replied with a song that says “I still love you, I still miss you”, but at that moment she cried, to which Mara said a few words of support.

“This problem I do not call a problem because I did not choose them, they were the ones that were following, it does give me a feeling that I opened the doors and I always said, this ranch is yours because you gave it to me with every ticket you bought to go to see me, this ranch is open and yes I let people pass and another thing is that a thousand people come again, “he concluded, and said that he no longer hugged her because they had forbidden it.

“I was going to give you a kiss but they forbade me to put my hands together or kiss.” Journalist Mara Patricia Castañeda was married to Vicente Fernández Jr., from whom she separated in 2015.