“I deeply despise those who turn politics into personal hatred” News Spain

the vice president Pablo Iglesias He was not vice president in 2014, but he was leader of Podemos. And being the leader of the purple party, he launched a huge depth charge against the now criminal prisoner Pablo Hasél, of whom he said: « I deeply despise those who turn politics into personal hatred ».

It was in a television interview, where the guest of the previous program left a question for the next one. Then they put the one left by a seven-year younger Pablo Hasél: « If you could Juan Carlos de Borbón, Amancio Ortega or Aznar. Who would you take out of the three? ».

It is that moment when Pablo Iglesias responds with a definite and resounding « My God, to none, » he says. And he continues his answer by assuring that «I do not want to kill anyone I deeply despise those who make politics a matter of personal hatred and that turn their narcissistic arousal something to do with politics. Human life is serious enough not to ask questions like this about who would you kill, « says Pablo Iglesias.

This video now successfully recovered on social networks has gone viral and leaves the first vice president and his entire party quite clear, who have undertaken a closed defense of the criminal accused of exalting terrorism. They even go further by flagging a supposed non-existence of democratic normality.

In the aforementioned interview, Iglesias assures, in reference to the three characters the rapper asks him about, that « I would like there to be laws to be able to judge people like this with a fair process, with all the guarantees, » he says. And the leader continues, saying that « with these people, don’t let them come near me, let them take care of other things. »

« We do not want to have anything to do with people whose problems are not political, they are psychiatric, » concludes Pablo Iglesias, in a last intervention that has been interpreted by some people as referring to Hasél, but it is difficult to interpret, since there is a clear cut in the image and in the audio that makes it difficult, if not impossible, to assert that the subject of his reflection is the delinquent rapper that he defends so earnestly today.

Seven years later, and for the sake of a so-called freedom of expression that they only contemplate unidirectionally, Iglesias and his party colleagues embrace the apologist of terrorism. Not only that, some of them, like the parliamentary speaker podemita, Pablo Echenique, dares to incite the violent in street riots. «All my support for the young anti-fascists who are demanding justice and freedom of expression in the streets. Yesterday in Barcelona, ​​today in the Sun Gate».