It was 2007 when the dispute between Vicenta and Isabel, two neighbors of a building in Valencia, invaded the small screen in a report from ‘Callejeros’. That short piece, which accompanied the second, dressed with a garbage bag to protect herself from the release of urine by her nemesis, has proven to be totally timeless, leaving us indelible phrases and moments worthy of Almodóvar’s subconscious. However, under that surface of viral content, a drama was hidden which resulted in Isabel’s victory in court in 2013, after incessantly denouncing the abuses to which her family was subjected.

Even so, despite the judicial resolution of the conflict, those involved maintain an open wound. This is what he confessed in the middle of 2020 one of Isabel’s sons, Jesús, who has shared his traumatic experience via a Twitter thread. « I come to tell you about my terrifying childhood and how my mother is a hero to my brother and me, » starts the young man, who admits having always avoided the topic « out of shame or fear of what they might say to me », since « it recalls a very bad time of my life ». And it is that, although the main protagonists of the video were the neighbors, Isabel’s children also appeared in it, just as later they could be seen in ‘Public mirror’ denouncing the degrading situation they were experiencing.

Jesús with his mother, Isabel, one of Valencia’s neighbors

« My childhood was conditioned from a very young age by the events that have been so widely known on TV. However, It hurt my soul that my mother was ridiculed like this and a circus will be formed. The fear that we went through every day, in our own home, was not implied, « Jesus acknowledges, praising his mother for fighting » every day to keep my brother and me safe, « although he acknowledges that in that process she came to be « at the limit of sanity day in and day out ».

« I remember one day in the morning when my mother came back from shopping and the neighbor jumped at him and began to scratch his face. My mother called for help in the middle of the landing, while I heard her through the door. I couldn’t stop crying and feeling helpless. She was 7 years old, « she adds, sharing another shocking anecdote from those times: » I remember one night where she and some other neighbors were bothering us all night, ringing the bell, knocking on the door, insults, excrement on the door. We called the police, but they did nothing because they did not see anything strange. When they left, they continued. In the end, we spit out and went to a hostel. We had to flee that day from our own house, I think I have never seen my mother cry more. He fell apart on the street itself and asked my brother and me for forgiveness. « 

National mockery

Despite all the complications brought by Vicenta, Isabel remained firm and decided to remain at home, even though she had an alternative. « We had another floor that we could have gone to. But she refused to let that motherfucker have her way. The apartment we lived in belonged to my grandparents and she had grown up here, it was her home, « Jesus recalls, aware of the price they had to pay to stay there: » Imagine a 7-year-old boy and his 3-year-old brother Where every day your neighbor would come out with a knife or a bucket of bleach to tell you that she was going to kill your mother. Than in an oversight he was going to throw her down the stairs, let her keep an eye out on the street. « 

To finish off these memories, the young man reflects on the social impact that his mother’s story has had: « In the end, people get the funny part of the story (which in the end is what the media gave) and there is no attempt to see further. I assume my mother is a national meme and I don’t care. It hurts me when people make fun of her, but I understand that they don’t do it meanly because they don’t know the whole story. « In case there is any doubt about the reliability of this supposed truthful account, Jesus has shared an image with Isabel: « This is a photo of my mother and I very happy for all the support received. Thank you all really. «