“I couldn’t get air from anywhere”, reveals Daniel Bisogno

“I couldn’t get air anywhere”, reveals Daniel Bisogno | Instagram

Tremendous scare in Windowing!, Pedrito Sola revealed that “we almost ran out of doll”, this since Daniel Bisogno was drowning in the middle of the forum and a few moments after starting the Ventaneando program.

Very much in his style, Tío Pedrito confessed that Bisogno was almost gone and “left us” since he was eating raisins very quietly in the forum, they say he spends his time eating, when suddenly they noticed it very strange, he stood up quickly and threw his cell phone to the ground.

To say of Pedro Sola, a charitable soul realized what Daniel bisogno was passing by and she hugged him from behind to help him shed the food that was preventing him from breathing, thankfully this happened.

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We almost ran out of Doll! Because of a raisin, @DaniBisogno was already drowning us in the middle of the forum and @pedrosola has the anecdote for us, it gave us a tremendous scare! You can read it on the Ventaneando social media account.

Bisogno shared that he experienced moments of great anguish since the raisin obstructed his windpipe and he tried to breathe through his nose and could not, he said “I could not get air anywhere” and that was why his enormous despair, to the point of throwing his phone to the ground despite being almost new.

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A few minutes after starting the program, Daniel Bisogno is on the moon as always, but yes, he eats and eats and the telephone. And suddenly we see that he gets up and throws the phone on the ground ‘and I said oh how strange’, he got down to pick it up, because it turns out that he was drowning, Pedrito Sola said.

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El Muñe shared with his colleagues and viewers that it is not the first time this situation has happened to him, but one of those who has despaired the most for life.

I almost left, you don’t know what I felt, I couldn’t get air anywhere, horrible, it had happened to me before. But this time if I got desperate, I stopped and threw my phone, Bisogno narrated his version.

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