The team faces a difficult season economically due to the covid-19

Expect the car they start with to perform well

Formula 1 will open its season on July 5 with the Austrian GP. After these months of hiatus, teams like Ferrari already have pending developments for their cars. However, this is not the case with Haas. Guenther Steiner has revealed that they will not introduce any new elements for the moment.

Steiner has alleged economic reasons. The crisis caused by the covid-19 makes the team not want to spend money on new parts. However, this situation is temporary, as the team leader has clarified.

“At this time, we don’t plan any evolution until we know exactly the budget for this year and what will happen in terms of racing. I can’t spend money that I don’t know if I have. It doesn’t make sense to do it now, “Steiner said in remarks for the American website

The Haas boss highlights that the only problem is not having had the factory stopped for three months and not having been able to compete in any GP. In addition to this, the number of tests to be held will not be 22, as originally planned.

“We have to be very careful what we are doing because you know the income will go down with fewer races and closed-door races. So until it’s clear, I’ll be cautious. We need to make decisions now. The worst thing would be to spend money now. and then not having it to do the updates, “he explained.

Despite the decision they have made at Haas, Steiner is optimistic and believes that they can get the most out of the first version of the car they already showed in the preseason tests. He prefers to sacrifice certain evolutions in order to play the entire season.

“Updates are never as big as you expect. You can do a lot with the first car you present. In our opinion, you don’t need to have them. What you really need is not to make mistakes. That’s why we haven’t risked planning anything. that we couldn’t afford. That would have been worse because we couldn’t go to the last races, “Steiner said to close.

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