“I can’t ask you this question …”

The anthill received this Wednesday the visit of Raquel Sánchez Silva, that presented his new book, Dosmundos. Tales of twins, twins and other siblings without equal, which will go on sale on April 28.

The play narrates, through six adventure stories, the very particular relationship that is born between twin brothers or twins and where the author has been inspired to create these stories from her own experience as a mother of twins.

After chatting about some curiosities that happen to twins or twins, Pablo Motos commented: “What a difficult question, I can’t ask you”. The guest replied that she could do it.

The presenter pointed out with a face of circumstances: “No, I can’t. It’s not right,” but Sánchez Silva invited him to do it: “Make it, is it so intimate?”. At the end Motos asked him: “Do you love one of your children a little more than the other?”.

The presenter hit her chest to dramatize the moment and replied, with a smile on her face, that “I can’t choose. They are very different. and they do it very well, they are so distinguished that the one who catches you on one side does not do it on the other and vice versa “.

Raquel Sánchez Silva, in ‘El hormiguero’ ATRESMEDIA

“They are two worlds and that’s why the book is called that, each one captures a part of me and I can’t choose between the two”Sánchez Silva admitted. Motos also wanted to know what he was doing when the two children demanded his attention.

“When they love you exclusively: Do you go back and forth like Toni Cantó?”asked the presenter, quoting the actor. After the laughter of the guest, Sánchez Silva replied that “I do like him: I take one and take a little walk; then I come back, I take the other one and I take another walk “.