“I break everything”, Celia Lora assures that nobody can with her

“I break everything”, Celia Lora assures that nobody can with her | INSTAGRAM

One of the greatest talents that the beautiful model Y conductive Celia Lora is the creation of funny videos for your official profile of Tik Tok a new stage in his career that is taking off very well.

This time the beautiful daughter of Alex Lora, famous vocalist of the legendary rock band The Tri, he decided to record a video clip in which he appears doing a Lipsync again, that is, he coordinated his lips with an audio created by another person.

However despite not being your own Audio he recreated it in a very funny way and getting into the role a lot saying the following: “I love it when a man tells you I’ll break everything … With that peanut and the eight minutes of performance, the only thing you break are the balls that I don’t have my love, you break nothing, “so she implied that no one can beat her.

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The voice is from an Argentine who created the video and who was so fun for users who started using it recreating them for themselves just like they did Celia lora who did it practically perfectly and with a sense of humor very worthy of her.

The faces that she makes the way she expresses her movements are all quite entertaining and funny because her audience knows that she has a lot of fun doing it and that she does it with a lot of affection so that everyone can spend some time with her.

In a kind and attentive way, she asked us to please follow her on her official Tik Tok account where she makes many videos of this style and also some somewhat different but always with the best quality so that we can have a good time.

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Of course, it is to continue with the creation of his videos for his YouTube channel, a channel where he has brought us different guests and has always touched on different topics in his own way and approaching everything with a very good humor.

Finally, it is important to say that he is also participating in the new MTV Acapulco Shock program where together with his Reality colleagues they react to the new chapters of the best moments of all seasons, they pass it every Thursday.

Stay tuned for Show News and don’t miss the best of Celia Lora, photos, videos and all that attractive content that she also shares for her loyal Internet followers who have been supporting her a lot.

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