It is common to see Jimmy Giménez-Arnau sitting in ‘Saturday deluxe’, only as a collaborator participating in some of the lightest last minute interviews. But on the night of June 20, the journalist sat down as a guest to present « The Life Played », his new autobiographical book, and incidentally tell the odd hidden secret that he had never dared to reveal before.

Jimmy Jiménez-Arnau in ‘Saturday deluxe’

It is common to hear the journalist speak openly about any topic, but the one reported last night was puzzling. Jorge Javier Vázquez asked about the story that has embarrassed him the most in his book, to which he had a very clear answer: « When I ate the thigh of the German« The presenter and Kiko Matamoros laughed at the occurrence, while Chelo García-Cortés asked if it was really what he had been most embarrassed to tell.

« I didn’t know what that was, » Giménez-Arnau excused himself. « We were in southern Sudan. The Muslims were at war against the Christians and there was a curfew. When we went to transfer a village, they told us that we could not pass it, » he explained. The journalist tells how he saw that the village was not very populated and all the inhabitants were gathered around a hut. « There was a German giving boats on a wooden board, tied with gazelle strips, who was in an ethyl coma. « 

Three days later…

After that incident, Jimmy Giménez-Arnau left, but when he returned three days later there was a party at the place, in which they were fed. « When we are done, they make fun of us and tell us: ‘you have eaten the thighs of the German’The collaborator says that the flavor was similar to that of ragout. « I immediately vomited, put my fingers to the bottom and there are still nights when I wake up thinking that I have eaten German. »