Tuesday July 28, 2020

With Alexis Sánchez as a starter for 60 minutes, Inter defeated Napoli in the duel on date 37 of Serie A. The Lombards are consolidated as escorts, but that will be defined in the duel on Sunday against Atalanta. After the game, Conte took stock of the match.

Alexis Sánchez’s Inter achieved a major victory in their quest for second place in Serie A, after Juventus won the Scudetto. After the meeting, Antonio Conte, showed his happiness for the performance of his managers.

« We have faced a strong opponent, who in recent years has been the only team capable of upsetting Juventus. A team of excellent and quality players. So, thanks to the boys, who had a great game, even after knowing the result of Atalanta, ”Conte said.

He also added that « we were forced to win and these situations are important because, even if the second place does not bring us trophies, getting used to feeling the pressure is something important and we gave a compact response from the team. I am very happy for the group. »

The strategist also referred to the approaching duel in front of Atalanta. “Sunday is an important occasion, beyond qualifying, because we are facing a team that is now a reality for our championship and that is also doing well in the Champions League. It will be a good test to understand where we are on our way, « he said.

Conte declined to elaborate on his season balance at Inter. « I think it should be the experts who judge my work and the Inter season. I understand that many expectations are created with my arrival, it happened in the past to win immediately, but it cannot always happen ”, he closed.