Tamara Falcó just started a new adventure. And it is that the daughter of Isabel Preysler launches fully into the world of the stove, and after winning ‘Masterchef Celebrity’, now premieres on TVE ‘Cocina al punto con Peña y Tamara’, with chef Javier Peña.

During the virtual press conference with which Tamara presented her new project – which promises to make us have very good times this summer – Enrique Iglesias’ sister was very spontaneous and made us laugh once more with her witty thoughts: « At first I was not comfortable asking him why he is the chef and I was like hell, but then I took a run and we have different ways of cooking. I am like very minimalist. He calls it cuqui. « 

Tamara, amused, has assured that as the recordings of the program progressed she felt much more comfortable in the kitchen: « I was armed with courage, and the director told me wellWell, put more sugar in it. « For this reason, he confesses that the recipes with which he will surprise us » are very instagrammable, very modern, but easy. « 

The daughter of the Marqués de Griñón, new owner of the noble title to which her father had the most affection, Carlos Falcó, after he made it explicit in his will, has avoided talking about personal issues. Very sincere, as well as witty, has assured that « I’m not yet Marquise, until he decides King ».

We are looking forward to seeing Tamara’s debut in this new project that promises to teach us how to cook and, incidentally, make us have a good time.