Rafael Nadal analyzed, after his victory in the second round of the Masters 1000 in Rome against Pablo Carreño, his return to ATP competition. He also spoke about the conditions of the track at the Foro Italico and how they live in the bubble that the organization of the tournament has set up in the Italian capital.


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Return to clay. “I’ve never liked talking about percentages and numbers because things happen the way they have to. It has been a good start. There have been many positive things, but there are others that can continue to improve. Overall it was a fantastic game. No I could ask for more. I’m much more than satisfied and looking forward to racing again. I have the opportunity to play the day after tomorrow. I think today was a good injection of positive energy. ”

No audience in the Foro Italico. “It is a strange feeling. It is not beautiful to play without spectators because the energy of the fans is impossible to describe. Obviously we are all used to playing with an audience. Perhaps the best players are always more used to playing with full stadiums and more support from the public. and perhaps at moments of the match the public plays in your favor. Unfortunately, we are in exceptional conditions and we are less than accepting what comes our way and we can already give thanks to the tournaments and the circuit that has worked so hard to have professional competition again. Now we have to live this and hopefully it lasts as little time as possible and that we can once again enjoy spectators on the tracks because the whole circus needs it. Not only tennis but also sport in general. I think that if this continues in the Time will be difficult to bear in many ways, I mean from the point of view of organizers and promoters.

Change in atmospheric conditions. “I have won nine times. I do not know if it can harm me but surely benefit not because in the end when one has been so successful in the tournament what one does not want are changes. The reality is that it is hotter than when we came in May “Much more. Conditions are being quite fast. The ball was flying quite a lot today. In hot weather conditions are quicker.”

Live in the bubble. “It’s a bit boring because you can’t do anything other than being in the club and in the room. In the hotel we have a room where the players can eat. We are in a hotel up here that has very good views and you can see everything Rome. It’s a shame not being able to be in the middle of Rome with how beautiful it is. The only negative thing is that we have a hotel with a fantastic terrace and a beautiful garden and the reality is that we cannot step on it. They could have left us a outside space, at least, to be able to enjoy the outdoors and the hotel’s garden. Everything else is fine. In the club I have been able to walk through places that I had not seen in 16 years because there was no public. “