“I am more disappointed than after the game against PSG”

Ronald Koeman appeared at the press conference after Barcelona-Cádiz, which was 1-1, corresponding to matchday 24 of the Santander League played at the Camp Nou. The Dutch coach was angry for conceding the tying goal in the last minutes and not having scored a second to have more tranquility on the scoreboard.


«I did not expect this situation at the end of the game. We needed to win. We had the game won, we had many chances not to lose points. Atlético had lost, we had a very great opportunity to get hooked up and we haven’t done it, it’s the reality. It is a negative point for us ».

Minimum advantage

«The problem is not that the eleven are defending. We should have solved it sooner. They can always have one or two chances and they can match us. The problem is not having scored the second. You have to mark, you have to do it. We lost two points and we were able to make it 2-1. We have to analyze this moment, but this cannot happen again.

Little goal

«A result so short always leaves options to the contrary until the last minute of drawing. It has been difficult for us to create occasions because they were far behind and we have found few spaces. We lacked freshness at the top to score one or two more goals. With such a fair result what happened today can happen.

League Options

We still think we can do something. There is not a team that wins its games easily. We have to keep going. It must be recognized that in opportunities like today we cannot fail more ».


Nervous, no. When you have the score with a goal difference, anything can happen against us until the end. We have not marked the second for our peace of mind. For not sentencing the game and missing two points that we could not miss. We are disappointed.

Lack of effectiveness and penalty

«I don’t like to blame individual players. It’s a team thing. We dominated, they defended far back and in attack we were not at our level. We create chances for the second goal. These are moments in a game that must be defended differently.

Lenglet penalty

«I have seen the image quickly. It is very doubtful to whistle, but it can be whistled. It is always important for a defender where you are, the situation of the play. I don’t know if Clement has to risk going for the ball, maybe not, but I have to analyze the play better.


I don’t think it’s unforgivable. It has been a great opportunity to close the gap, but it shows that you have to fight a lot and be well to win the games. We control the game and miss two points. In the two games against them we have missed 5 points and that cannot be ».

Approaching the leader

Of course I am very, very disappointed. It may be that more than against PSG. It was a game that we didn’t have many problems either. It’s a game that this team has to win because of its quality and we haven’t done it.

Team mood

“I think we have entered the game well and after a game lost like the other day, letting two points slip away in such an important game is a lot. We must assume our responsibilities and continue to show that we can do something.

Fight for the League

«It is not more complicated than before. Neither one team is unbeatable nor another team is going to win everything. There are still options. But we let slip, again, two important points to be able to do something more ».