Secluded in his home like the vast majority of humanity, but with work, a lot of work to do. So it is Pau Gasol, as he explained in an interview with ‘El País’, where he indicates that he is trying to recover from the injury he suffered a year ago.


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“Hopefully in the next few weeks I will receive good news when we do the tests to check how the bone is,” explained the pivot, who is “progressing” in his recovery. “I am looking forward to playing again”, said.

Gasol, who no longer needs the crutches or orthopedic boot, is working in “the home pool” since “I still can’t make a clue” since “the bone has to show total solidification to increase the load”, although he states that it is “inevitable to think about withdrawal. I’ve been dealing with this for more than a year and will soon be 40, so it’s definitely on my mind. “

But not everything is bad in the injury, since in addition to the recovery he has other concerns. “I also take advantage now to focus on the Gasol Foundation, on other off-track projects and also thinking about what my next professional stage may be, my next challenges”

The Catalan youth squad also referred to the global pandemic that we are experiencing from the coronavirus. “The priority is to overcome it among all. Everything else is secondary. It is a time when, as a society, as a country, as a world, we have to be very responsible, follow the recommendations of the WHO and our governments and win the battle against virus”.

The tragic death of Kobe Bryant

On more than one occasion, both Gasol how Bryant they had shown their respect and affection for each other. The death of Kobe It was a shock for everyone in basketball, but especially for those closest to him. “It was a huge shock, a pain and a loss almost impossible to express in words. It is something that will take time to continue assimilating and gradually overcome,” he said. “He left us a philosophy of life and values ​​that I will always keep in mind.”