Joakim Noah is aware that it is in a privileged position. He has gone from damaging the Achilles and being without a team to fighting to win the ring with Los Angeles Clippers. In a recent interview, he acknowledged the hard work he has done to get what he has now:

« I am in the position I wanted. In September I cut my Achilles and told myself it was not the way I wanted to finish the race. So some time later I was in the gym recovering, hoping to get fit to join this team. I knew if I kept training, being fit, it could be. « 

I was aware that if I worked hard I could be in the position I am in right now:

I knew that if the Clippers called me and I was not in shape I would regret it. So I kept training and here I am. I have reached this position and I feel very fortunate. Being here with God, with these players. Being in a position where I can earn a ring. This team has really given me hope and I am delighted. « 

I cut Achilles when I had everything, but I didn’t give up to have the opportunity again: « I feel very lucky to be where I am now, in the best position to win. The organization has really behaved very well with me. »