Hyundai offers great advantages to its customers in the purchase of an electric car through the new campaign focused on the Ioniq and Kona, the firm’s electric cars

Hyundai The commitment it has with environmental care has been taken very seriously, and that is that the Korean car brand has surprised with an initiative that it launches for all its customers in Spain and that is focused on the purchase of electric cars.

Is about Full care, the campaign aimed at those who decide to buy a Ioniq electric or a Kona electric. With this campaign, Hyundai is committed to the fact that if at any given time you need to make a trip that far exceeds the autonomy of the car (311 km in combined cycle for the Ioniq and 289 or 449 km, depending on the version, for the Kona), The brand gives you a gasoline or diesel model without costing you anything.

According to information from the Marca portal, the only condition to make use of this benefit is that you cannot request it more than twice a year and the total time you have the car on loan during that same year must not exceed 15 days.

Hyundai IONIQ.
Credit: Courtesy Hyundai.

As if this were not enough, when buying an electric model, Hyundai It gives you and installs a 7.4 kW charging point with up to 40 meters of cable.

As for the purchase guarantee, Hyundai offers eight years or 200,000 km of warranty for the battery (as long as the car is not used as a taxi or VTC). Offer also includes eight years of roadside assistance (if intended for private use), connectivity Bluelink and emergency call eCall.

As part of customer service, Hyundai It also offers the option of returning the car without explanation if you are not satisfied with it. The brand will return the money as long as 30 days have not passed since its registration and it has not traveled more than 2,000 km.


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