Hyundai Unveils New Advanced E-GMP Electric Car Platform

Hyundai’s have just shown the public the ins and outs of their new special platform for electric cars. An advanced architecture that will allow the design of any bodywork for any segment, without technical limitations and loaded with technology of which we give you all the details.

The IONIQ 5 will be the first model created on the specific platform for electric cars developed by the Hyundai group. Koreans have presented their new architecture for the most efficient models on the market in all its brands, that is, including KIA and Genesis. A base with a very advanced technology that allows you differentiate widely from Volkswagen’s MEB platform.

It is worth saying that this is a development of the Korean brand itself, and that it has nothing to do with the scheme proposed by Canoe, in which they are also interested. However, delving into the e-GMP platform, it is a skateboard-type architecture that allows to conceive models in any segment, from the smallest urban to the largest saloon or SUV, so there is no technical limitation on the measurements.

Hyundai’s new e-GMP platform for electric cars offers broad modularity

The new “e-GMP” platform for electric cars from the Hyundai group is a skateboard chassis without space limitations or measurements

This is the main advantage over the Volkswagen group’s MEB, which also have “MEB Entry” and “PPE” for high-end electrics. The Koreans develop all the models on a single, completely flat structure. With the battery, the component that occupies the most space and placed between the axles, the vast majority of the components of the electric propulsion system – electric motors, inverters, power electronics and transmission – can be arranged in a package of small dimensions, which does not reduce space to the interior, while balancing the weights.

This highly modular configuration allows you to design a custom interior, without limitation. In fact, the seats can be mounted in a more advanced or more delayed position, if what we want is a battery of greater or lesser capacity or have one or two electric motors. Multiple possibilities, with front-wheel drive, all-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive, offer the Koreans, and they will take advantage of it with an important added technology, among them the 800 Volt charge. A system that will allow loading with a 350 Watt power, achieving 80% of full capacity in 20 minutes.

Or what is the same, 100 kilometers in five minutes. This is what current customers are looking for when asked if they would be willing to buy an electric car. Charging times and autonomy have become the most frequent demands and questions regarding acceleration or top speed.

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