Hyundai Spain offers its customers unemployment insurance that makes you stop paying your car for 12 months or the possibility of returning it within a year if you lose your job

Hyundai returns to give a new economic relief to all its clients and that is that the crisis derived from the pandemic of coronavirus, affected thousands of sectors, including the automotive industry.

For this reason, brands of cars They are betting to launch plans to revive sales of their cars. Hyundai SpainFor example, it has launched the campaign Hyundai commitment, which includes excellent measures for those who plan to buy a car this season.

Through this campaign, Hyundai undertakes that its customers may return the car in the 12 months after its acquisition, something that until now could only be done in the first month if they were unemployed.

Hyundai Veloster N.
Credit: Courtesy Hyundai.

But that’s not all, since the Korean brand also offers a unemployment insurance that allows to cover the 12-month quotas if the job is lost and a tailored financing program has been launched, with a commitment to repayment, a five-year guarantee and another five years of maintenance, which allows for lower monthly payments during the first year.

Another of the facilities that Hyundai offers to its clients is for those who finance or avail themselves of a renting plan, since Hyundai It offers the possibility of paying the first installment after the summer, which means not paying anything during the first three months according to the Autocasión portal.

Finally, the Korean brand offers its customers a solution to facilitate vehicle maintenance, with 12-month financing, at 0% APR after-sales.


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