Hyundai Ioniq 5 already arrives in Spain from 33,800 euros

Hyundai presents in Spain its new Ioniq 5, a one hundred percent electric CUV that already accepts orders. We tell you their prices and first impressions live.

May 12, 2021 (1:20 PM CET)

The new Hyundai Ioniq 5 will be on sale from mid-2021The new Hyundai Ioniq 5 will be on sale from mid-2021

Hyundai has presented in our country the Ioniq 5, the first electric model built on the specific E-GMP platform (Global Electric Modular Platform) for battery electric vehicles of the Hyundai group that also uses the Kia EV6. We attend his coming-out.

And if in the previous photos it is striking, in the natural it is even more so. Of design fluid and elegant, the crossover coupe silhouette of the Ioniq 5, coupled with various eye-catching details such as the front and rear light clusters, make it very attractive. New clamshell bonnet to improve aerodynamics, with a thin line like a grille that joins the optics. Also details such as the door opening handles, retractable or the 20 ”wheels stand out in line with the pixelated theme that ties together the design of the entire vehicle.

Hyundai ioniq 5Hyundai ioniq 5

It boasts of interior and it is not for less, although the first thing that We are struck by the accessibility, simply exceptional thanks to its configuration and architecture with a flat battery, in this it differs from the SUV to use.

Highlights a really spacious clean minimalist interior design, thanks to its 3-meter wheelbase -measures a total of 4.6 m, although it does not give that impression naturally – the habitability of the front and rear seats is exceptional. It’s a real saloon concept with a scrollable center console. The two large 12 ”screens, one as an on-board computer, the other as an infotainment that preside over the dashboard. The front seats, made of ecological and recycled materials, surround us and are very comfortable. They tell us that the unit they show us is a pre-series, which houses some hard plastics and so we will have to wait for the final model.

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This Hyundi Ioniq 5 is offered with two 58 kWh or 73 KWh battery options and three electric motor configurations, two with only 125 kW (170CV) rear engine associated with the first battery option and 160 kW (218 CV), associated with the higher capacity battery, and an option with front and rear motors, associated with the latter battery, which provides all-wheel drive, AWD and up to 306 hp. In Spain it will be offered with the highest finish as confirmed to us. It counts as a great trick that admits the ultra-fast recharge of 350 kW and that allows to reach 80 percent battery in 18 minutes (In 5 minutes at 350 kW 100 km would be charged). The 80 percent load is 7 hours on 7.2 kW alternating current).

Hyundai Ioniq 5: this is its interiorHyundai Ioniq 5: this is its interior.

The Hyundai Ioniq 5 already admits orders and its official starting price is 43,620 euros, that with the brand discount and the financing, its price starts from 33,800 euros for the most basic version of 170 CV. The first deliveries will arrive from September. As the CEO of Hyundai, Polo Satrústegui comments, the acceptance, both in Korea, with 20,000 orders, and in Europe has been very good.

As in all Electric models of the Hyundai brand offers within its Full Electric plan the free installation of the shipper in the case of private clients, the desired form of financing is chosen.

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