Hyundai Elantra N: Sportiness comes to the South Korean compact saloon

Little by little, without making a lot of noise, Hyundai is shaping its range of sports models. The launch of the division N It was one of their riskiest bets, but time has proved them right. It has been the best way to reach all those customers who did not trust that their models could live up to such legendary icons as the Volkswagen Golf GTI or Ford Focus RS. So their plans continue as they thought.

In them, although it hurts us not to see it in Europe, there is the Hyundai elantra n. Do you remember this compact saloon? The last time it was on sale in our continent, she had to leave it because customers hardly noticed her. Well, his luck is different in other areas of the globe and, to underpin his success, the Korean firm has decided to give him a gift sports version. It will be above the N-Line that we already present to you, and be careful with her …

To distance itself from the N-Line, the power of the Hyundai Elantra N should approach 300 hp

Hyundai Elantra N teaser image_2

Hyundai Elantra N teaser image_2

If the accounts do not fail us, the Hyundai elantra n He is the sixth member of this family of «sports». According to those responsible for the project, it will combine the practicality of a saloon with the sportiness of a high-performance racing vehicle. To announce its birth, the communication department of the Asian firm has published these two teasers. Not much can be seen in them, although some of their sports accessories.

In the first instance we have some oversized alloy wheels and design similar to that of the i30 N. The bodywork, as is the norm in the N division, is painted in that characteristic blue tone. If we go behind, we can see that on the trunk they have located a sport cut spoiler carbon fiber finish. As a complement, we have the characteristic red line bordering the bodywork or large exhaust outlets.

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According statements by Till Wartenberg, Vice President of Subdivision N and Motorsports at Hyundai Motor Company…

«Elantra N is a high performance sedan revealing the sportier side of our exceptional all-new Elantra through exciting N-brand enhancements »

For now, talking about your powertrain is rash, although there are already rumors that give clues about what we can expect from him. Apparently, it will have the same gasoline block 2.0 T-GDi turbo which is already under the hood of the i30 N. If so, its power would approach the 300 hp, a figure well above the 200 CV of which the N-Line version boasts. However, the brand calls us to a later date to reveal more details.

Source – Hyundai

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