Hysterical customer tried to suffocate employee for demanding to wear mask at NJ Burger King

David Sivertsen.

Photo: Wayne Police Department / Courtesy

David Siversten was charged with aggravated assault for allegedly squeezing the neck of an employee who demanded that he wear a mask at a New Jersey “Burger King” restaurant.

The attack occurred at an establishment on Route 23 South in Wayne on the afternoon of March 27, local police reported yesterday.

After the employee argued with Siversten about not wearing a coronavirus mask that day, the suspect He returned hours later, “he entered the restaurant, approached her, wrapped both hands around her neck and began to strangle her.” The man outnumbered the employee by about 80 pounds (36 kilos), police said.

The attack, which was caught on surveillance cameras, only ended when another employee intervened to separate them. The assaulted worker complained of pain but refused to go to the hospital, NBC News reported.

Siversten fled, but police found him sitting in a driveway along the nearby Newark-Pompton Turnpike. He was “agitated” and “appeared to be under the influence of alcohol”, According to the report.

The suspect he abused himself after being detained, “intentionally hitting his head on the curb to which he was handcuffed,” for which he was taken to a hospital.