Hypnotic dance, Daniella Chávez wore white lace

Hypnotic dance, Daniella Chávez wore white lace | INSTAGRAM

There is no doubt that every time we approach a video or photograph of Daniella Chávez, the influencer Y Chilean model, her followers are very pleased and much more those users who still did not know her.

On this occasion, the beautiful young woman did it again and published a hypnotic video, in which it appears moving in such a special way that it left all the users who could observe it in this way breathless, in a white lace that perfectly adorned her charms and made her look perfect.

There is no doubt that the video can be reproduced hundreds of times without stopping, since the movement formed a perfect loop It seems to have no end and her true fans had an incredible time observing her in this way.

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Daniella is always looking to keep her audience happy by publishing entertainment pieces of the highest quality, almost always photographs selected from a long photo shoot in which she spends hours showing off for the camera posing in the best possible ways and looking radiant.

Apart from this incredible video, Daniella also managed to pamper her followers by sharing some images of her stories, a place where she brings us a little closer to her life and where they share some very interesting pieces of content.


On this occasion the young woman showed us that she is working with a clothing brand, which sent some products and she immediately tried them on in her dressing room where she also walked in front of the camera and modeled to show off the products and also placed a link to that you can get them at the time you want.

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That work as influencing worked a lot for him and he has managed to collaborate with some very important fashion brands in the world of social networks and the Internet, because now most of the purchases are made there and the shipments arrive directly at your home.

In addition to the nice promotion she made, I also shared some Videos where she confessed to us that she invited one of her friends to her personal gym so that together they could exercise and continue to stay healthy and above all attractive for the production of her photos and videos.

Daniella Chávez will continue to deliver some incredible content, so we recommend you to keep an eye on Show News, so you don’t miss it apart from her new curiosities and other announcements that she will surely be giving very soon.

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