HyperX is one of the best-recognized allies in the gaming community worldwide, and the reason is its line of Cloud headsets; I dare say that it is very likely that you have at least 1 pair … if not more. The brand went from selling dark memory modules and solid state drives to offering a varied inventory of devices and peripherals in common use within the healthy pastime of video games: headphones, keyboards, mice, mouse pads, microphones … Heck! It even has glasses that protect your eyes from artificial blue light and UV rays.

It is no accident that HyperX is one of the best recognized brands within the gaming community, again thanks to its line of Cloud headphones that constantly surprise us with their design, pamper us with their comfort and leave us satisfied. with its quality. Thus, we have in our hands one of its most recent iterations: the HyperX Cloud Alpha S. In a moment we will tell you more about them and we will tell you how they are.


The contents of the HyperX Cloud Alpha S are few, nothing is missing or superfluous. Inside the box you’ll find headphones, a detachable microphone, a USB adapter, and a set of cloth pads, plus a small cloth bag to store your gear. In this way we are received by the set of headphones that are not shy when reminding us of the sacred ground in which we find ourselves. You can see that they are HyperX Cloud, the design betrays it: from the dome of the headphones to the perforated metal frame, covered in imitation leather. Yes, they are the HyperX Cloud that I have known since 2014, but with slight modifications.

Materials communicate the sense of confidence common in HyperX products: they are solid to the touch and strangely heavy, yet they feel light once you wear them. The headphones offer a plastic construction and stand out for having a pair of mechanical switches – holes like reflectors – to adjust the bass … and no, they are not windows for you to hear better what is happening around you. They also feature foam pads with a thin faux leather cover; they are soft and fit comfortably on the head … but if the leather feel is not to your liking, the package offers you a replacement set of fabric pads.

« Leguas it is appreciated that they are HyperX Cloud, the design gives it away »

The HyperX Cloud Alpha S have a 3.5mm TRRS connector, so they are perfectly compatible with a wide range of home devices, such as cell phones and console controls such as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, as well as Nintendo Switch. In addition, a USB adapter is included, which is a small instrument box to activate the virtual surround that imitates 7.1 audio channels and control the behavior of voice chat, and to activate and deactivate the microphone. By the way: Unit cables have a wear resistant braided fabric coating. For its part, the microphone is mounted at the end of a boom and can be adjusted.

Expanding on connectivity, HyperX Cloud Alpha S connects via USB to your computer; you basically connect and forget. In addition, they are compatible with smartphones – those that still have the 3.5 mm jack – to listen to music and chat. As for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, they can be used without problems through the 3.5 mm ports on the controls; on Nintendo Switch they work without problem. Additionally, you should know that it is possible to use the device on consoles through USB, but only on PlayStation 4, because as you know, Xbox omitted this feature from the Xbox 360, which persists even in its most recent iteration: Xbox One.

Mechanical switches modify bass profile


Speakers – Dynamic and personalized, Ø 50mm, with neodymium magnets
Type – Circumaural, closed design
Frequency response – 3Hz – 27kHz
Impedance – 65 Ω
Sound pressure level – 99dBSPL / mW at 1kHz
T.H.D. – ≤ 1%
Weight – 310g
Weight with microphone – 321g
Cable length – 1m
Connection type – 3.5mm plug (4 pole)

Element – Electret condenser microphone
Polar Pattern – Bidirectional, with noise cancellation
Frequency response – 50Hz – 18kHz
Sensitivity – -38dBV (0dB = 1V / Pa at 1kHz)


7.11 surround sound with custom tuning
Headband adjustment sliders
Dual-chamber HyperX speakers
Audio balance between game and chat
HyperX guaranteed comfort
Durable aluminum structure
Advanced audio control mixer
Compatible with PC and PlayStation 4

Available in 2 different colors


When we face the HyperX Cloud Alpha S in audio tests we find a solid performance, sample of the years of experience and refinement of the product family. Our experience of use covered games of various magnitudes and situations of use: from Doom Eternal, The Last of Us Part II, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, to video calls and work sessions in the company of musical pieces, where the Exterior sound isolation feature. The headphones at all times felt comfortable without the need to change the ear pads to fabric ones (although this is personal preference), even in long sessions of use of more than 4 hours.

However, while comfort is assured, we note certain deficiencies, specifically, when the headphones are connected to the controls of the consoles, since it is necessary to adjust the volume levels through the respective menus. The only exception was with PlayStation 4 and, even so, only when the headset was connected via USB. During this instance, it was possible to adjust the volume of the game with the box and even activate the 7.1 surround mode, which, in turn, gave an air of power to our gaming experience, slightly increasing the response from mid to high frequencies … although in a very subdued way. In short, when this feature is active it is when the HyperX Cloud Alpha S are best enjoyed.

« 7.1 surround mode, which, in turn, lent an air of power to our gaming experience »

In this way, we found a team focused on performing better in situations where low frequencies stand out, since during our experience we noticed that certain medium to high sounds pass into the background, giving a neutral impression of audio – and even flat – where, we repeat, they excel low frequencies. This is best perceived when the switches on the headphones are open, thereby slightly increasing the power of the low frequencies; what’s more, you can even feel very slight vibrations around the ears.

Regarding the performance of the microphone, we can comment that it is enough to fulfill the basic communication tasks, either in a videoconference or in the party with your friends within your favorite video game. In this section we feel that the audio quality can improve, since the sound capture is perceived as muted and tends to exaggerate certain low frequencies, which causes your voice to sound somewhat different. However, it is important to clarify that the sound is clear and does not present annoying whistling or humming.

An indisputable playmate


The HyperX Cloud Alpha S is a fairly competent set of headphones, which reaffirms the brand’s stance and status of offering reliable, comfortable and quality gaming gear. They are a piece of hardware designed for all types of users despite being aimed at a specialized segment. They can be used in any way: as hands-free on phone calls, to concentrate on work thanks to their sound insulation and to enjoy your video game days on all current platforms.

However, as we mentioned, this time we found a different sound profile from past iterations, which accentuates some low tones and leaves the middle to high ranges in the background. What could improve in the future is the section of the microphone although we see it difficult due to the limitations of its design and size.

That said, the HyperX Cloud Alpha S are competent headsets that more than fulfill their job of communicating, working at home, and allowing you to immerse yourself in the gaming experiences of your choice.

Legacy of design, quality and comfort continues